If need be, in respect of which actors find themselves working together, virtually all the scenes are open to changes of sex and age.

Scenes for two female actors

One 40ish, the other older

Opening Night

Each 20s

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Both 20s

The Other Boleyn Girl

Scenes for female and male actors

She 30s

One-sided 'Dialogue'

Both 40s

After Liverpool

She 20s, he 50s


Both 30s

I Love Dick

She 30s, he 40s

Our New Girl

Both 30s

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Both 20s

Good Will Hunting

She 20s, he 40s

In Bruges

She 30s, he 50s

Penny Dreadful

Scenes for any combination of actors

Any ages

Far Away

30s / 40s / 50s


A highly recommended source of scenes: www.bhplayhouse.com/Acting-Scenes-Database