David’s known Residencies, with dates on offer:

PRAGUE : Sunday 9th June to Monday 1st July

Private Masterclasses

Mon 10th / Tue 11th /Wed 12th June (Full, ‘Face One/Two’)
Thu 13th / Fri 14th June (Full, ‘Face Two’)
Sat 15th / Sun 16th / Mon 17th June (Full, ‘Face One’)
Tue 18th / Wed 19th June (Full, ‘Face One’)
Thu 20th / Fri 21st June (Full, ‘Face Two’)
Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd (Full, ‘Face One’)
Tue 25th / Wed 26th June (Full, ‘Face Two’)

LONDON : Thursday 11th July through August

Group Masterclass, Actors’ Guild

Tue 16th / Wed 17th / Thu 18th July

Private Masterclasses

Sat 13th / Sun 14th July (Full, ‘Face Three’)
Sat 20th / Sun 21st July (One vacancy, ‘Face One’)

Thereafter, dates tbc

NB David is always available, at all times, for Skype Sessions ahead of self-tapes/e-casting or auditions.