I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for the past two days. Your class has truly been a life changing and groundbreaking experience for me. I really feel like all of the pieces of the puzzle have finally come together and I now know what to do to get the types of performances out of me that have usually booked me the job. I never had the words or the ability to understand what that missing piece of the puzzle was, but now that I know what it is I have the ability to put it together, which is truly all I could have ever wished for and more. I’m so excited to begin putting your work into practice in my self-tapes, on set, and even on the stage. This will be the first of many times I work with you because I cannot imagine a world where I do not continue to learn from you. What you are offering is so important and so unique, and I cannot wait for it to touch more lives

Natalie Ava Nasr, London

I had such an interesting weekend, I still can’t find words for it. Something inside of me set in motion, and I don’t know exactly what it is. But I got the deep feeling, there is so much more I want to explore now, that there is so much you can show me in working for the camera’s lens – it is really astonishing! I learnt so much only in two days, words and phrases and thoughts kept coming into my mind today, all the time … Thank you so much

Teresa Rizos, Munich

Thank you for your amazing work that you’ve done with me. I’ll never look on the acting craft the same way like before, after our classes. So Brilliant!

Michelle Hansen, Prague

Mind blown

Sarah Hosford, Dublin

This weekend, you have no idea what it meant to me; all that I learnt. Right now, I feel extremely alive, having this ball of energy in my chest that is craving for more. This excitement in waiting for the second part of your process will be torture and a blessing at once. This adventure you let me be part of will accompany me forever. I am writing to let you know what an impact you just had on my life. For some reason it feels like I gained more than knowing how to better behave in front of the lens. Thank you. With all my heart.

Andrea Dellos, Berlin

I would like to thank you again. I am so grateful you stepped into my life because you introduced me to the actress I want to become and be; and I’ve never felt that through any other workshop or coaching before.

Vanessa Most, Berlin

Read these testimonials and they seem hard to credit but rest assured everybody, this is not a scam! I don’t think you realise how important you are, Mister Penn

Sonia De Martino, Copenhagen

I just came from the set, and the director has already called me. He said “thank you, there were so many amazing things you did today”. I had such good feelings too, I enjoyed it so much, let myself be free, tried everything I felt. I just did everything I remembered from this work with you; you open my mind. Thank you David, you unlocked me, and I feel so great.

Ester Geislerova, Prague

This work with you has been transformative for me. What you are teaching is groundbreaking and I believe this is a turning point in my life and my career. I have spent the whole week digesting all you gave us and the dreams have not stopped; every night I dream about what I discovered with you. Thank you so much for all that you do, I can’t wait to continue the work.

Funmi James, London

No words can describe David Penn’s masterclass. Taking it is a game-changer; I’m using on set everything he shared with me on ‘Face One’ and on ‘Face Two’. Thank you so much, David.

Petra Bučková, Prague

I’d heard word of David’s extraordinary powers and seen the quite amazing results of it in actor friends. On taking his class I was bowled over by the transformation in myself and, indeed, in that of every one of my fellow students, who I watched in a very short space of time flourish into the most captivating of screen actors. Beyond the invaluable nature of his knowledge and teachings, what’s most striking is his commitment to every student; you expand your belief in yourself and raise the bar of what you thought you could achieve in your work. I am so grateful.

Cam Spence, London

David is an amazing director and actor’s guru. His masterclass is eye-opening and mind-blowing and magic, and practical as well.

Ester Geislerová, Prague

This man has quadrupled the amount of work I’ve landed. He is the ONLY acting coach worth paying and spending time with, he’s teaching things no-one else is.

Theresa Godly, London

This was the most enlightening workshop I have ever attended and it will have a life-long impact on my approach to the camera … David could charge ten times what he does for this work! He’s an excellent director who imparts his knowledge not only with empathy and understanding but he’s demonstrably able to bring out the best of every person in the room; you are in completely safe hands with him.

And as for learning, I want to say that every drama school, not just in England but throughout the world, should be having David in to have their actors acquire a clear understanding, generally unavailable, of the totally different skills required of them to successfully occupy film as opposed to theatre space.

Claudette Williams, London

This private masterclass of yours has completely altered my understanding of what it is to work on camera; it was so inspiring and so eye-opening that I cannot really find the words to express what it meant to me deep down, other than to tell you that I want to recommend to every actor and actress out there that they should go through the experience. You showed me how to find for the lens qualities in my unconscious. You are, without a doubt, a remarkable director.

Amila Sijamija, Vienna

I’ve landed every single screen-acting job I’ve auditioned for, since working with you, David; that’s five in four months. Something new must be going on; amazing. Thank you.

Joseph Begley, London

I have to confess you are the only acting-for-film tutor I have actually learnt from, and who has helped me find how to be in front of the camera. I wish I could keep on learning from you.

Nadia Adame, Madrid

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you last week, and that I would love to do so again. Thank you so much for such a fun and inspiring three days; a complete revelation and an utter joy working with you. You gave me the best, most useful note I have EVER had from a director in twenty years! Every single one of the nine of us, though, made an amazing journey, culminating in exciting, exceptionally truthful scenes that were wonderful to watch and beautifully real.

For anyone reading this, I cannot recommend working with David enough … it doesn’t matter if you’re fresh from drama school or a seasoned pro playing leads in movies or tv, David’s masterclass will take whatever you are currently doing on screen and make you a million times better.
It really is like magic!

If you are serious about your work on camera, then grab the opportunity of working with him with both hands. There is no pressure, no “hard work”, just a lovely supportive environment, a wealth of wonderful knowledge, a lot of fun and a simple secret … that I’ll leave him to show you!

Tina Harris, London

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. So good to have the majority of all that bloody acting-technique flannel wiped off in one fell-swoop!

Lesley Bruce, London

Thank you so much for the time we had with you; I think about it every day. I learnt so much, and I am even more excited about being an actress! I am so impressed with your knowledge and what you have discovered about human on screen. I know we all of us believed much more in ourselves after your masterclass.

Oddrun Valestrand, Oslo

My heartfelt gratitude for the most wonderful two days. I enjoyed it so much and I got so much out of it. Your private intensive is simply fabulous and so, so worth it; magic, in fact. It helped me find my way back to playing and being alive and truthful in front of the camera, not just in theory and intellectual understanding but in practice. I now have a way of actually doing it, not just knowing it. You showed me how not to deliver ‘good acting’ but, instead, something truly exciting to watch; such a vital shift in my work! Thank you!!

Mera Mayde, Los Angeles

Such an inspiring three days. Still, three weeks on, I can’t stop talking about the things I learnt from you! Challenging but incredibly supportive, you gave me permission to let go of the obligations I thought I had as an actor approaching a scene on camera. Your process was hugely liberating for all of us, with every single member of the group coming up with the most compelling, in-the-moment performance.

Hands down, the best workshop I have ever attended, so simple and so incredibly useful. I can’t understand why every drama school out there isn’t getting you in.

Jacky Bahbout, London

You are the one giving actors their tools. He’s the best, this David Penn.

Rune Temte, Oslo

This work with you was incredible!!! You are a very special person and an amazing director. I am so blessed, that I could spend these two days with you. Generally, I find in a master-class like this, that directors will identify a problem then send you off to sort it out for yourself whereas you, uniquely, solve it for each of us there in the moment itself. Really remarkable! And thank you. I’ve learnt so much…

Catherine Le Blanc, Los Angeles

DAVID PENN is finally hosting a masterclass in Berlin! This dude literally changed everything I knew about acting and working with the camera – his class is mind-blowing and I learned more than I did in any other acting-class/workshop or even drama college! If you want to grow as an artist, take his class.

Jana Reinermann, Berlin

I just want to say what an amazing five days I had on both your masterclasses, first in the ‘Face One’, three-day group and then the private ‘Face Two’ follow-through.

That first was just phenomenal. I have done many screen acting workshops over the years (some good, some not so good) but never have I learnt so much in so little time. For all actors out there serious about film and television I recommend you do this masterclass with David. He is a very patient, super friendly, charismatic teacher who makes magic happen before your eyes. Not only do you experience the result of his technique on and in yourself but you get to witness it on all the others in the group. It is an absolute joy to share in that revelation. There are so many things that David taught us that certainly I had never considered or have had expressed in the way that he does; and it all makes sense! David truly understands the magic of the lens.

The private ‘Face Two’ was sensational; so, so useful. I managed to consolidate those things I had begun to understand in the first one into actually applying it to myself, by myself for myself in my work. In addition, we took everything to the next level and I learnt about movement on screen with real, practical applications and advice on what works and what doesn’t. All I can say is, if you have the chance to do the follow-through, don’t hesitate, do it!

What I’ve said really doesn’t do justice to the significance of what David can do for any actor.

Meg Kubota, London

Thank you for the unique, unusual and insightful workshop; truly interesting discoveries. It wasn’t like anything else I’ve done. I have highly recommended it to a select group of friends and will pester them to take the Class.

Amy Bailey, London

I cannot stop thinking about this masterclass of yours, and how it opened my eyes; to witness your technique of truth and simplicity completely transform every single one of us. I know that countless actors in Los Angeles would benefit greatly were you to take this work there.

Emily O’Brien, Los Angeles

Thank you for your love and interest in us actors, I’ve never seen its like. The way you work with us really inspired me, and I am taking it with me… and I am looking forward to following through the work with you. Until then…

Ane Dahl Torp, Oslo

Thank you for the masterclass, David, it was such an epiphany for me, and I learnt a lot about myself as an actor on screen. At the end of our last day, I got a screen-test for the lead role in a big production on Finnish national television. I went in with all my new experiences fresh in my head. Following a call-back and more tests, I ended up getting that lead role. I am so excited about this and I am 100% sure that working with you helped me getting the part. A lot the director complimented me on were things we’d worked on through those three days. THANK YOU! You are a wonderful and caring coach, and I will recommend everyone to work with you!

Christian Arnold, Gothenburg

As if by magic, I’ve just been offered the lead role in an extremely interesting-looking, British independent feature. They were emphatic about my audition which was informed very heavily by what I learnt in your enlightening and inspiring masterclass. That audition would have been very different had it happened before I worked with you. The combination of direct practice and feedback, demonstration, theory, watching others, industry and personal anecdotes, all combined to make for a course that I have already started recommending to people. Thank you!

Christopher Sherwood, London

What an inspiring three days those were! Thank you so much for everything – it’s such an overpowering feeling to sense thoughts and concepts clicking into place – what you were leading us to understand felt simultaneously innovative and like it all made sense, which was refreshing as well as stimulating.

Hannah Croft, London

Thank you for the quite extraordinary masterclass last week. It was indeed revelatory, and I’ve been dwelling on it all weekend, with my mind tingling over the invaluable knowledge and insight I’ve gained. I honestly think I’ve been entrusted with a secret – and I will carry it with me throughout my future career.
I could not recommend it highly enough, and I will be suggesting to anyone who wants to listen that they must come and do this work with you.

Matthew Flacks, London

It really was amazing to be a part of this masterclass of yours, to witness new truthful performances emerging before my eyes. The difference between the first and third day’s footage was phenomenal, in absolutely everyone; not a single scene was dull, instead all had life and vigour, and each actor’s journey was fascinating to witness.

I cannot recommend David’s masterclass enough. Every actor, no matter at what stage of their career they are at, should seize the opportunity to take it and see where it leads them. Revelatory!

Tanya Page, London

It was wonderful to meet David and take this masterclass. I can’t quite put into words how good it is. He has an amazing ability to make you like the camera rather than fear it and, unlike most classes, you are instilled with understanding and confidence by the end of it. If all directors worked like David and all screen actors took his class, the film world would be a much better place… I have been raving about your class to people I know, so the word is definitely being spread.

Jing Lusi, London

The Naked Truth (sic) lead by David Penn is all about finding the extent of your freedom to play and to act within the frame of the story, understanding the camera’s language. It is the most inspiring experience I have been through, demystifying the lens, reconnecting to the great pleasure of playing. Don’t miss the opportunity to let that inner child stand up and express itself; it is so refreshing.

Severine Vasselin, Paris

Hey David! I’m in three jobs. Every audition afterwards I just got.

Darren Stamford, London

David’s masterclass was truly eye-opening. First in the group, three wonderful days then the two more private ones spent in his company, learning and practicing my art, as he generously passed on his knowledge, understanding and expertise was golden indeed – and such fun! I feel that my work has been changed for the better forever. Never again will auditioning and working in front of a camera feel like torture. This was the best expenditure of time and money I’ve ever had the privilege of outlaying.

Angela Phinnimore, London

First, thank you so much for the fantastic and inspiring ‘Face One’ masterclass. I learnt so much in such a short space of time. I have been searching for that ‘magic ingredient’ that I knew existed, and with you I feel as if something finally clicked … nobody I talked to, and nothing I’d read had been able to articulate it and, perhaps more importantly, show an actor how to actually put it into practice. So, thank you for being that person! Now, I want to thank you for such an inspiring and illuminating follow-through. Without a doubt, the first, group course irrevocably changed my approach to on-screen acting but I am so glad that I did the fantastic ‘Face Two’, exploring what it means to play the wider frame. It has added hugely to what went before; there are so many things that I hadn’t even considered, and realise now to be of enormous significance. So many practical tips that are going to prove invaluable. Everything I’ve learnt with you, it all just makes such perfect sense!

James Crawley, London

Feedback from my screen performance, since your masterclass, has been fantastic. Now so much more relaxed and liberated by your processes, I’ve had industry professionals both in London and in Ireland comment on my screen presence. I am finding what I learnt from you to be really useful. Thank you.

Aidan O’Callaghan, Dublin

I have been totally lost. I knew my screen-work was missing something and then, when I read about your masterclasses, I had every confidence that you’d be able to help me but I had no idea as to just how much – you’ve made me see who I am as an actor. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the discoveries I made with you. Seriously, it has changed everything! I cannot tell you how confident I now feel as an actor. I can now see why on occasion I haven’t been cast but now, how I can be. I am really excited about my future career; I can’t wait to get out there and play. You have shown me how it is possible to allow oneself to do that. Incredible; you are able to make actors the best they can be. This is worth more than all the tea in China (worth £18 billion plus in 2016!) and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

Liane-Rose Bunce, London

Thank you for a wonderful masterclass. It leaves me so full of spirit and confidence. You have the ability to give actors permission to let their guard down and risk showing their true self. When you stand there with one hand on what you know and the other on the unknown, what do you do??? You let go. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do that; let go. You should make a European film with us all, and what a blast it would be … you would throw people off their hinges!

Christin Borge, Oslo

I want to thank you so much for the three days we all shared, and for what we learnt, a real journey for all of us. I dearly want to explore some more with you, a director and person it’s possible to feel safe with, possible to feel visible with!

Emily Skaret-Ball, London

Die Zusammenarbeit mit David Penn ist inspirierend und erhellend. Für mich war das ein großes Erlebnis, die Entdeckung eines Geheimnisses mit nachhaltiger Wirkung. Abgesehen von fachlicher Kompetenz und der Besonderheit dessen, was er vermittelt, ist David ein wunderbarer Lehrer mit großer menschlicher Qualität. Es lohnt sich!

I want to thank you for this amazing ‘Face Two’ we’ve now done; incredible, once again! I cannot express enough how great it is to take such a step on this mysterious and wonderful journey that we take as actors, almost impossible as it is to ‘talk’ about the mystical. It was such a good feeling too to work internationally, across borders (Danish actress, Austrian me and you, the Brit). To work with you is very, very special; thank you, David!!!

Alexander Strömer, Vienna

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Those three days were glorious and exhilarating, and challenging too. The work has make me horribly impatient to get in front of a lens again. Thank you for reminding me of the joy and freedom that’s possible there; actually, anywhere. How wonderful to have such an honest guide, and who ever imagined that coming to understand such fundamental truths could be so much fun. I feel enlightened, encouraged and fizzy!

Zahra Browne, London

Those three days were a revelation; an astounding transformation of absolutely every single person in the group. I can’t recommend this masterclass enough.

Moya Allen, London

In a wonderful experience, David excels at helping the actor free his or her imagination, and learn the language of the lens. It isn’t hard. David introduces a way of working that helps one find the joy of performing in front of the camera, and every actor in the masterclass went from being good to absolutely captivating. I can only give my highest recommendation that every actor tries it.

Peter Vinding, Copenhagen

I learned more useful things in those three days than I ever did at drama school. I came away enlightened – sometimes all it takes is for one person to say the right words at the right time. So, thank you!

Rikke Thomson, London

I was rejuvenated but, mostly, I felt liberated. I came out of your masterclass with a clearer insight into the difference between living in the realm of the lens, as you call it, and the ‘real’ world, and you demonstrated it not with theory and statement but by filming scenes and showing us! Thrilling.

Ery Nzaramba, London

You, David Penn, best man! You have made my time in front of the camera a whole new joyful thing to live. I did this masterclass of yours in Oslo just in time for the next run of my TV series and now, after twenty years in the business, I am positive that you’ve helped me to deliver my best performance to date. David, really, thanks a lot. I believe I have made many steps forward in my craft; thanks to you. See you in Oslo next time, for ‘Face Two’, yes?!

Rune Temte, Oslo

I am so glad to have had the privilege to be in one of your masterclasses; this three-day journey has been no less than a discovery and exploration of myself through the lens. Not only have you changed the way I approach acting, you have changed the way I see myself as an actor! It has been totally inspiring, and thank you so much. I feel that a lifetime relationship with the camera has at last begun. I have no doubt in my mind that once you publish your book, it will be near impossible to get near one of your masterclasses.

Alexandra Webb, London

What a gift you gave us, David!! I loved absolutely every second of it and I came away so so inspired. Even more important for me, I came away remembering why it was that I wanted to be an actress in the first place and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to feel the child in me so excited to be able to come out and play. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Gorja Mazoli, London

I found your masterclass invaluable. It was moving, inspiring, empowering and incredibly thought-provoking. I found it hugely confidence-boosting. Thank you.

Jessica Ashworth, London

What I loved about this masterclass was the relaxed approach while working with somebody who is clearly passionate about their medium, which proved refreshing and inspiring. David is generous, and he shares his extensive experience and understanding to pass on truths about working with the lens that bypass learnt technique, enabling one to distill a scene down to its real essence, all the while, every time, in such a way as to liberate the actor to be free in the moment, always to be present there. I learnt so much. Thank you.

Catherine McDonough, London

Thank you for such an inspiring two days; I am telling all my actor friends to book in with you! Your experience, knowledge and directing skills are priceless.

Rebecca Reaney, Los Angeles

I am still overwhelmed by the two days. I cannot find words enough to describe how wonderful and special it actually was but I cannot stop myself trying to tell all my actor friends about it; it was so fulfilling an experience, and I am so grateful.

Jonas Kägi, Vienna

I want to thank you so much for all the wisdom you imparted in the workshop last week. This was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had as an actor, including drama school. It genuinely was a revelatory experience and I have been raving to my friends about it non-stop over the last week!

Edward Mitchell, London

David’s workshop was absolutely excellent – a wonderful way to explore the truth of an on-screen relationship.

Julian Bird, London

I found David’s coaching and insights to be a revelation, it has transformed the way I work with a camera and in film. It has definitely been the best screen workshop I have come across. Almost all of the others I have found seem to teach the same basics of the practicalities of working with a camera, which I learnt at drama school, whereas David’s approach was unique in addressing the relationship between actor and camera, and how to bring a scene to life as a result.

Fleur Shepherd, London

It really was a big enrichment working with you and listening to you, and I would love to be directed by you in something real sometime soon.

Alma Hasun, Vienna

I am so happy I was able to do this workshop with you, it’s incredible what you made come out of me; thank you.

Teresa König, Vienna

David Penn has a gift for enabling actors to be wonderful on screen. His techniques are so effective because they empower every single actor in the class to realise his or her potential, to be magical and truthful on screen. It is simply the best learning experience I have ever had on acting on film.

Lara Hutchinson, London

I am writing to let you know that I got the part I auditioned for the day following your Master Class. I am sure you had a lot to do with it. I am now a more confident and free actor. Thank you so much for everything!’ Then … ‘Filming was such a great experience. I was confident and relaxed as never before, a state of mind I discovered through your Class. I feel tremendously accomplished with what I lived in front of the camera. I really must thank you for that!

Sónia Balacó, London

David Penn ist ein beherzter Lehrer und wunderbarer Mensch, der Schauspieler liebt. Zwei Tage mit ihm sind intensiv und interessant. Ich habe Leichtigkeit im Spiel und liebe zur Kamera erfahren, und jene wundervolle Arbeitsweise, die offen lasst, was geschieht… Ich war teilweise geschockt, wie wenig es braucht, um, von der Kamera geliebt zu werden.

Nicole Marischka and Katarina Klaffs, Munich

I want to thank you for your truly fantastic class. I can honestly say it made my year! At the end of the three days we had all transformed and I still remember the magical feeling I had shooting my last scene. You made us all feel so at ease, I’ve never felt so relaxed and confident in front of a camera before, and I want to thank you for all your encouragement, support and feedback.

Fiona McKinnon, London

I want to tell you what an amazing experience it has been to have the privilege of knowing you … you are a fantastic teacher.

Cristina Andreoni, Verona