The 28th Czech Lion Awards, 2021

The Naked Face is extremely proud to announce that a quarter of the nominees in the four acting categories, that’s five out of the twenty (Anna Geislerová, Jana Plodková, Viktor Dvořák, Jan Cina and Elizaveta Maximová) were coached into their roles by David.

this, following on from

The International Emmy Awards, 2020

Similarly, with two of the lead actors (Petra Bučková and Andrej Polak) in ‘Marty is Dead’, the winner of the Best Short-Form Series.

Congratulations to all of them!!


Cary Fukunaga and Steven Spielberg, director and executive producer respectively, have cast an actor in a leading role in their massive new WW2 series, ‘Masters of the Air’

purely on the basis of his submitted tape
… prepped with David
… no recall or face-to-face meeting involved
Unheard of.


With available dates ahead:

PRAGUE : End-August to mid-September

Group Masterclass, 2Media (private)

Mon 5th / Tue 6th / Wed 7th September

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Sat 27th / Sun 28th August (Full)
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PARIS : Mid-September

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Mon 12th / Tue 13th / Wed 14th September

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Fri 16th / Sat 17th September (Full)

BERLIN : End-September to early November

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Mon 3rd / Tue 4th October (Available)
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2Media (private)

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LONDON : January 2023

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